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Dams and Spillways

Recapture Dam and Spillway

This project included earthwork and concrete to construct a new spillway, plunge pool, and stream channel.  It required the modification of the existing spillway inlet and outlet structures.  Installation also included new trench drains for utility water. Because of water seepage on the south abutment, GCI was issued a change to collect in a series of drains the ground water coming from the ledge rocks. 

Hyrum Dam Spillway Modification

Demolition and removal of approximately 200-feet of concrete spillway 16-foot wide 15-inch thick in order to construct new spillway floor.  Work included bracing of spillway walls, excavation beneath spillway floor, construction of 10-cut-off walls, installation of spillway drain line, compaction of select import material beneath spillway and construction of new reinforced spillway slab.

Echo Dam Spillway Modification

Work includes construction of a permanent access road, demolition of the existing channel and spillway; reconstruct new channel, spillway and walls consisting of several mass concrete pours ranging from 4 ½ ‘ wide x 18’ long and 27’ tall. Gerber also refurbished four radial gates, jet grouting and structural backfill.

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